Stream 2:
Trainings for School Students


High school students (Grades/classes 7-12)


CHRF Headquarters (SEL Huq Skypark 23/2 Khilji Road Block-B, Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207)


Year long program

This stream is also targeted towards high school students enrolled in grades 7-12, who are still deciding their future career trajectories. CHRF brings them to science by providing opportunities for students to come to our state-of-the-art research laboratory in Dhaka. To ensure that girls are prioritized, the in-person session at the CHRF research center is planned with the mothers of interested participants living outside Dhaka.

Students from Dhaka can also apply for after-school science camps or weekend/summer vacation science camps.

All participants get to spend time with local scientists working on local problems and diseases, visit a hospital and diagnostic lab, and safely conduct some applied hands-on experiments. All participants return home with a certificate, science souvenirs and experimental kits to share with friends and family. With this stream, we aspire to spark an interest in scientific research and culture among young individuals, and bring them closer to becoming infectious disease detectives of the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I filled out the training program’s application form. When can I expect to hear back?

After submitting your training program application, expect a response within a week. We'll contact you for an interview (for university students or working professionals) or an introductory session (for high school students), based on your preferences.

What is an introductory session for Stream-2 students?

The 1-hour introductory session for Stream-2 students offers a comprehensive overview of the training program. Trainers will cover the schedule, content, and fees through a virtual session on Microsoft Teams or Zoom, with a link sent via email in advance. There is no charge for this introductory session.

Can my parents accompany me?

Parents of stream 2 trainees (school and high school students) are welcome to drop off and pick up their children after each daily training session. It's important to be aware that, for security reasons, guests are not permitted to enter the research labs. However, please rest assured that a dedicated trainer will be present with the trainees throughout the entire duration of the training.

Is accommodation or transport provided?

We are unable to provide accommodation or transport facilities for our trainees.

What is the training schedule?

Stream 2 training sessions are available in only one format: half day Half Day Training Sessions: Two slots available: 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM and 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM. Program Details: Stream 2 Programs: Half day training sessions.

Will recommendation letters be provided?

As per our organisational policies, we are unable to consider issuance of reference letters for individuals who have spent less than four weeks at CHRF and are seeking recommendations for postgraduate studies and less than two weeks for undergraduate studies. This policy is in place to ensure that all recommendations we provide are thorough and based on a sufficient period of assessment.

Will certificates be provided?

Upon successfully completing all training sessions, submitting required assessments, and, as applicable, delivering a final presentation during the graduation ceremony, trainees will receive a certificate of accomplishment.

Do you offer online training?

At present, all our training sessions are exclusively conducted offline, featuring immersive hands-on activities in laboratories and supplemented by a few theory lectures. This approach is designed to ensure a seamless and effective learning experience.

Can I visit the labs before the training?

Due to security reasons, trainees cannot enter the research labs prior to receiving an ID card, which will only be issued after enrollment.

Do you provide merit-based scholarships for training programs?

Certainly, we offer scholarships for Stream 2 training programs. It's essential to clarify that these scholarships are solely need-based, not merit-based. Applications for need-based scholarships are meticulously assessed by a dedicated scholarship committee.

Do you offer hands-on training?

Absolutely! Our training courses are designed to be hands-on, complemented by insightful theory lectures to develop the skills of our trainees and introduce them to laboratory and analytical techniques.

Where are the training sessions conducted?

Training sessions for Stream 2 are held at Bangladesh Shishu Hospital Institute (BSHI) and Child Health Research Foundation Headquarters (CHRF-HQ).