Infectious Disease Detective - Advanced (For Grades 11 & 12)

They play a 5-day lab-based investigative game at the diagnostic lab of Bangladesh Shishu Hospital and Institute (BSHI) and receive clues to solve the case using laboratory techniques!

Program Outline & Learning Objectives

• Learn about microbes and microbiology
• Understand the fundamental principles and concepts of laboratory techniques used in the identification of pathogens
• Perform in-patient & out-patient visits to the largest pediatric hospital
• Receive a patient file to investigate
• Learn about methods for aseptic sample collection of clinical specimens, for example, blood
• Learn about biosafety protocols in the laboratory to ensure safe handling of
infectious agents
• Learn methods for culturing and isolating pathogens from clinical samples
• Perform hands-on laboratory tests for bacterial identification using microbiological and biochemical methods.
• Gain hands-on experience in molecular techniques, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the detection and characterization of pathogens
• Understand the principles behind antimicrobial susceptibility testing to determine the most effective antibiotics to use against pathogenic bacteria
• Develop skills in data analysis, interpretation, and reporting of laboratory results to solve the mystery and bring justice for the sick child. 
• Engage in group activities for example scrapbook, poster presentation slide presentation, etc.
• Receive a certificate from Dr. Senjuti Saha upon successful completion of the program.  

Duration: 5 days
Location: Bangladesh Shishu Hospital and Institute (BSHI)
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Program Fee

Note that there is an enrolment fee for this program. Contact us to get details. Additionally, all fees are subject to 15% VAT as per the policy of the Government of Bangladesh.