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Science Explorers (for Grades 7-12)

Explore science at CHRF during this 3-day program and dive into the world of microbiology! The 3-day program covers a tour of a WHO sentinel site, opportunities to shadow scientists at a diagnostic laboratory and a state-of-the-art research facility and perform some fun experiments of your own!

Program Outline & Learning Objectives

  • Learn about microbes and microbiology
  • Learn about the importance of maintaining hygiene demonstrated through hand-on experiments
  • Learn about different media used for culturing and isolating pathogens from clinical samples
  • Learn how to use a light microscope
  • Observe live and 'good' bacteria under the light microscope
  • Perform in-patient & out-patient visits of the largest paediatric hospital, Bangladesh Shishu Hospital & Institute
  • Visit a state-of-the-art research facility covering microbiology, molecular biology, and the genomics center- Introduction to laboratory equipment and machines for example, thermocycler for PCR, sequencing machine, robots for automated lab work etc.
  • Meet an Infectious Disease Detective in action - Shadow him/her performing hands-on laboratory tests for bacterial identification using microbiological and/or molecular methods inside the laboratory
  • Understand the concepts behind antimicrobial susceptibility testing and how scientists identify which antibiotics work
  • Conduct hands-on experiments to extract and visualize DNA
  • Engage in group activities for example scrapbook, poster presentation or slide presentation etc.
  • Receive certificate from Dr. Senjuti Saha upon successful completion of the program.
Duration: 3 days
Location: CHRF-HQ, Shyamoli, Bangladesh Shishu Hospital & Institute (BSHI)
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Program Fee

Note that there is an enrollment fee for this program. Additionally, all fees are subject to 15% VAT as per the policy of the Government of Bangladesh.