Stream 1: Bringing Science to People

If you would like to collaborate with us in setting up a science camp or an interactive discussion session at a school of your choosing, get in touch with our team!

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Building Scientists for Bangladesh

Stream 1: Bringing Science to People

The first stream of Building Scientists for Bangladesh is targeted towards high school students enrolled in grades 7-12, who are still deciding their future career trajectories. CHRF takes science to them by either setting up science camps in schools, or arranging interactive discussions with the students aiming to make science relatable to students’ everyday lives and not just limited to theories read in textbooks. All equipment in the science camp is provided by CHRF and our local scientists engage in interactive lecture sessions and perform easy-to-do science experiments with the participants. Each experiment is designed to answer a relatable question, such as, ‘what causes diseases’, ‘are you getting the nutrition you need from what you eat’? and more!

Our hope is that all participants will leave the camp or the discussion sessions with new-found knowledge on how to ask questions, question things and think like a scientist, be critical, gather data from around us, along with souvenirs to share with their friends and family.

Make a donation. Help build scientists for Bangladesh

If you want to sponsor CHRF's program, 'Building Scientists for Bangladesh', you can select from three of our streams! You can sponsor a school to set up science camps (Stream 1),  help bring young girls studying in grades 7-12 and living in remote areas of Bangladesh to visit our research laboratory in Dhaka (Stream 2), or help us build our training facility to provide hands-on genomics training to undergraduate and postgraduate students of life sciences (Stream 3).