When Biologists and Physicists Collide!

24 September, 2023

The 19th of September was an extraordinary day for the Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) as we warmly welcomed renowned physicists and esteemed educators, Professor Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Professor Yasmeen Haque, to spend a whole day at our premises. It started with a tour of our laboratory facilities, followed by a special panel discussion session titled, ‘When Biologists & Physicists Collide’ - a rare occasion where the two physicists were joined by two biologists, Dr. Senjuti Saha, Director and Senior Scientist at CHRF, and Dr. Yogesh Hooda, Scientist at CHRF, to discuss all things related to science!

During the discussion session, many members of the CHRF family, including some of our wonderful former high school trainees, had the privilege of asking Professor Zafar and Professor Yasmeen questions to learn about their scientific journey. We learned a great deal about their personal and inspiring stories of struggle and hard work, as well as the reasons behind their decisions to return to Bangladesh and leave their high-paying jobs in the USA. One particular highlight of the conversation was Professor Zafar's balancing act between his work in electronics and his writing of science fiction for children, as well as Professor Yasmeen's research on using non-linear optics for cancer detection. Given our focus on the biological sciences, Professor Yasmeen's work in applying principles of physics to cancer detection was especially intriguing to us.

Having the honor of hosting these exceptional individuals and spending a day full of science with them was an experience we will never forget. We eagerly anticipate another occasion where our biologists and these physicists can collide once more!