Science & Storytelling with Dr. Abed Chaudhury at CHRF

30 November, 2023

At CHRF, we love science and storytelling. For this reason, November 15th was an extremely special day for us as we had the honor of hosting the celebrated Bangladeshi-Australian scientist, Dr. Abed Chaudhury. 

After spending time in our research labs, Dr. Abed walked our team members and trainees through his scientific journey on developing the Panchabrihi and building his startup Genofax with a one-hour lecture. It's safe to say that every person in the room was inspired by his groundbreaking work in plant genetics and crop breeding, as well as his current exploration of the gut microbiome as a Co-founder & Chief Scientist at Genofax. Thank you, Dr. Abed, for sharing your knowledge and patriotism with such poetic prose. We look forward to our next great encounter!