Explore All Course Materials of CHRF’s ‘AI in Public Health’ Workshop

02 November, 2023

The "AI in Public Health" workshop was an intensive 4-day program designed to provide participants with a practical understanding of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to enhance public health activities. Through hands-on activities, case studies, and discussions, participants learned about AI tools, techniques, and applications that can improve disease surveillance, diagnosis, treatment, and overall healthcare delivery.

This workshop took place across two weekends (September 22-23, 2023 and September 29-30, 2023) at the Child Health Research Foundation (Head Quarters). The workshop's instructors were Yogesh Hooda, PhD (Scientist & Lead of Biochemistry, CHRF) and Senjuti Saha, PhD (Director & Senior Scientist, CHRF). The workshop's guest speakers included Sudipta Saha (PhD Candidate, Harvard University, USA) and Mark Sun, PhD (Principal Research Scientist, Versant Stealth Startup, Canada.

The learning objectives of the workshop were the following:

  • Understand the basic terminology and concepts of AI
  • Evaluate the potential benefits and challenges of implementing AI in public health
  • Analyze real-world case studies of AI applications in disease surveillance
  • Use established AI tools (ChatGPT, BARD) to speed up public health data analysis
  • Critically assess ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI integration in public health.

The workshop's format and activities were:

  • Interactive lectures and presentations
  • Hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations
  • Group discussions and case studies
  • Guest speakers from the field of AI and public health
  • Take-home assignments

The workshop's target audience were:

  • Public health professionals
  • Researchers and academics in public health and AI
  • Students interested in the intersection of AI and public health

We thank the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for making this course possible, as part of the “Democratizing Public Health Modeling Using AI-based Tools” grant made to CHRF.

Anyone interested in this workshop can find all relevant materials here:

 Course Timeline

 Available here

 Course Materials


 Lectures & Exercises

 Day 1: Introduction to AI

 Introduction to AI concepts and terminology

 Lecture Slides for Day 1 

 Key applications of AI in public health

 ChatGPT and other large pre-trained AI models

 Introduction to Prompting

 Hands-on: Generating codes through AI

 Hands-on Materials for Day 1



 Day 2: AI Applications in Public Health Modeling

 Introduction to public health modeling

 Lecture Slides for Day 2 - Part 1 

 Incidence of typhoid fever in Bangladesh

 Lecture Slides for Day 2 - Part 2 

 Hands-on: Typhoid incidence calculation in Bangladesh

 Hands-on Materials for Day 2 

 Take-home assignment: Modeling direct and indirect impact of typhoid-conjugate vaccines in Bangladesh

 Take-home Assignment



 Day 3: AI Applications in Disease Surveillance

 Time series forecasting and application to Dengue fever prediction

 Lecture Slides for Day 3

 Hands-on: Data cleaning and preparation

 Hands-on Materials for Day 3

 Hands-on: ARIMA

 Hands-on: LSTM network


 Day 4: Implementing AI in public health and future trends

 Medical image analysis using AI algorithms

 Lecture Slides for Day 4

Hands-on: Detecting pneumonia through chest X-rays

 Hands-on Materials for Day 4