CHRF Receives Grand Challenges Grant for Incorporating AI-Based Tools in Public Health

22 August, 2023
Screenshot 2023-08-22 at 1.38.17 PM

We thank the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for investing in “Catalyzing Equitable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use” and selecting CHRF’s project, “Democratizing Public Health Modeling Using AI-based Tools” as one of winners. With an astonishing 4% success rate among a sea of applicants, CHRF's victory is not just ours—it's a leap forward for accessible and equitable public health research worldwide.

Led by Dr. Yogesh Hooda, the project will investigate how AI tools like ChatGPT can make complex public health research such as vaccine impact modelling studies accessible to all countries.

Staying true to its mission of enhancing capacity, CHRF will conduct a 4-day workshop on ‘AI in Public Health’, coming soon in September 2023. Stay tuned!

To learn more about the project, visit: