CHRF's 'AI in Public Health' Workshop Is Open for Applications

06 September, 2023
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Staying true to its mission of enhancing capacity, CHRF is conducting a 4-day workshop on ‘AI in Public Health’ in September 2023. 


September 22-23, 2023; September 29-30, 2023 (2 weekends)


Child Health Research Foundation (Head Quarters)

Khilji Road, Shyamoli, Mohammadpur,

Dhaka, Bangladesh.


The "AI in Public Health" workshop is an intensive 4-day program designed to provide participants with a practical understanding of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to enhance public health activities. Through hands-on activities, case studies, and discussions, participants will learn about AI tools, techniques, and applications that can improve disease surveillance, diagnosis, treatment, and overall healthcare delivery.

Workshop's Objectives:

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• Understand the basic terminology and concepts of AI

• Evaluate the potential benefits and challenges of implementing AI in public health

• Analyze real-world case studies of AI applications in disease surveillance

•  Use established AI tools (ChatGPT, BARD) to speed up public health data analysis

• Critically assess ethical, legal, and societal implications of AI integration in public health.

Workshop's Format and Activities:

• Interactive lectures and presentations

• Hands-on exercises and practical demonstrations

• Group discussions and case studies

• Guest speakers from the field of AI and public health

• Take-home assignments

Workshop's Instructors:

• Yogesh Hooda, PhD (Scientist & Lead of Biochemistry, CHRF)

• Senjuti Saha, PhD (Director & Senior Scientist, CHRF)

Workshop's Guest Speakers:

• Sudipta Saha (PhD Candidate, Harvard University, USA)

• Mark Sun, PhD (Principal Research Scientist, Versant Stealth Startup, Canada)

Workshop's Prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of public health concepts and introductory statistics

• Intermediate programming skills in Python/R

Workshop's Target Audience:

• Public health professionals

• Researchers and academics in public health and AI

• Students interested in the intersection of AI and public health

Here is the text with all spaces removed between the lines:

Day 1: Introduction to AI
- Introduction to AI concepts and terminology
- Key applications of AI in public health
- ChatGPT and other large pre-trained AI models
- Introduction to Prompting
- Hands-on: Generating codes through AI

Day 2: AI Applications in Public Health Modeling
- 10/90 gap in public health modeling
- Generating codes using existing literature
- Hands-on: Typhoid incidence calculation in Bangladesh
- Take-home assignment: Modeling direct and indirect impact of typhoid-conjugate vaccines in Bangladesh

Day 3: AI Applications in Disease Surveillance
- Types of data sources in public health
- Data quality assessment and preprocessing
- Hands-on activity: Data cleaning and preparation
- Using AI for early outbreak detection
- Predictive modeling for disease spread
- Hands-on activity: Training AI model for outbreak detection

Day 4: Implementing AI in public health and future trends
- Medical image analysis using AI algorithms
- Case study: Application of AI in X-ray image analysis
- Addressing bias and fairness in AI algorithms
- Ethical frameworks for AI integration
- Group discussion: Ethical dilemmas in AI-driven public health

All attendees will be provided with a certificate upon successful completion.

This workshop is a part of the “Democratizing Public Health Modeling Using AI-based Tools” grant made to CHRF by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Selected candidates will receive scholarships to cover the course fee.

Application deadline:

Application form will be open until 17th September, 2023. Applicants will be confirmed after being interviewed by the CHRF team. 

To apply, fill up the form here.