Hear it from our stream 3 alumni: CHRF’s undergraduate and postgraduate trainees share their experiences

28 November, 2023

Through Stream 3, CHRF is dedicated to building the next generation of scientists in Bangladesh. With all the different programs we offer, we are building the capacity to provide hands-on training and fill the gap in skill development. In this blog, we share some memorable experiences of our brilliant trainees.



Bringing such a high-facility training program to young students like us is very fascinating. Last but not least, no amount of resources is enough if the instructors are unable to make connections between them and the learners. The reason I was able to understand and correlate every process is because of the most amazing instructors and I am truly grateful for their constant guidance and support. Now that, I am doing my MS in Biotechnology, I feel how much the internship and the NGS training have polished me. I look forward to more work and fun with the CHRF community in the future.

By Sumaiya Hossain Oishy (MS in Biotechnology) from North South University. 


I ventured into the world of NGS training and a bioinformatics workshop at CHRF, where I discovered the vast potential of genomics and computational biology. Analyzing vast amounts of genetic data became second nature as I unveiled hidden patterns and unearthed the secrets of the genome. I'm grateful for CHRF's transformative experiences that affected my career and studies. Hands-on lab work, science communication training, and bioinformatics understanding have driven my passion and commitment. I want to use genomics to understand diseases and develop new treatments. The memories of the three-week three-lab program, the Mastering in Science Communication workshop, the NGS training, and the Bioinformatics workshop at CHRF continue to shape my present endeavors and fuel my future aspirations. I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of my research journey, ready to push the boundaries of scientific exploration and share my experiences with a global audience.

By Rumana Akhter (MPH Epidemiology) from North South University


In CHRF, I acquired knowledge about Molecular Biology techniques. Moreover, The most amazing part was running qPCR form Covid sample to find the positive and negative result.This hands on training was a tremendously wholesome experience for me for the first time to know how those machines work,how we can interpret results.This acquired knowledge is now utilizing for doing my Master project for finding the validation of mutation in colistin resistant gene in Acinetobacter baumannii.

By Ananna Saha (MS Student) from University of Malaya