Science camp and discussion in Chandpur's Bajapti Ramoni Mohon High School

28 November, 2023

For 2 days on March 15th and 16th 2023, the students of Bajapti Ramoni Mohon High School took on the role of an infectious disease detective for CHRF! They peered through microscopes at live bacteria from yogurt, successfully extracted DNA from bananas, and conducted a variety of experiments independently. Working on microbiological experiments opened their eyes to the microscopic world of microbes. To top it off, they had the opportunity to engage in a Science Discussion with real-life scientists, including CHRF's Director and Scientist, Dr. Senjuti Saha, and Scientist, Dr. Yogesh Hooda. 

This unforgettable camp was made possible by the fantastic students and supportive teachers from Bajapti Ramoni Mohon High School, who enthusiastically joined us on this remarkable science adventure. Heartfelt thanks for the love! We eagerly anticipate the bright future that awaits these exceptional young minds.