Hear it from our alumni: CHRF’s high school trainees share their experiences

26 October, 2023

Hear it from our alumni: CHRF’s high school trainees share their experiences 

Last summer was an incredibly hectic but fulfilling time for the Building Scientist for Bangladesh team at CHRF. We had a huge surge of students wanting to spend their summer with us and learn about the work that the Infectious Disease Detectives of CHRF do every day. In this blog, we share some memorable experiences of our brilliant high school trainees.

Every second spent with CHRF was productive and totally worth it. Microbiologists give back to the community in ways that are not appreciated enough, and I am determined to change that. Being at CHRF has been an extremely fun journey because it has made me new friends and given me a new perspective of what I want to do with life. I cannot thank CHRF enough for letting me be a part of this 2-week long and couldn't think of a better way to spend the time.

By Zaeema Jannat (Grade 9) from Playpen School, Dhaka. 

Until I ended up at CHRF. That is when I realised that not all heroes wear a cape. Some are dressed in white coat While some are adorned in sarees like Dr. Senjuti Saha because they love to represent Bangladesh. Living in a century where the young generation has drifted far away from patriotism, for the first time I felt that I had a core and I belonged somewhere. I felt my broken dreams being glued back like a Kintsugi vase. Thank you for making me more certain that I must bring back the privilege I was bestowed back to my country. It is your journey and heart which is so full of love for Bangladesh that inspired me. 

By Maria Munzalin Mozumdar (Grade 11) from Manarat Dhaka International School and College


The things I learned during the program let me deepen my understanding of the things I study in a classroom, and they acted as a perfect complement to my academic curriculum. Moreover, CHRF and BSB allowed me to meet some of the most talented and incredible people from my generation.

By Adrita Zaima Islam (Grade: 11) from S.F.X. Greenherald International School 





I've always respected the doctors and nurses committed to healthcare. CHRF exposed me to the heroes behind the door: the biologists working tirelessly in the lab with their patient samples, their dedication and work ethic no less than that of a doctor. All my life I have been fascinated by life sciences, but until I was one of the Infectious Disease Detectives, I had no idea how rewarding the experience was. The more I spent time with these heroes, the more I became sure that I wanted to be one of them in the future.  

By Nazaha Izdihar Amatullah (Grade: 12) from Engineering University School and College




I can't verbalize enough the cooperation I saw, I felt. We would just burst into the labs and the lab members, who were busy doing lab work, would instantly turn into great mentors and start explaining necessary concepts with practical demonstration - how to gram staining, how to sterilize, what are the precautions, etc! I can't still forget the interesting appliances and setups we were shown. PCR, autoclave machine, agar medium, sheep firm and whatnot. Who knew I would be running a PCR machine when I haven't yet started university? That's the amount of trust they put in me which was enough to boost me. And every time I felt any difficulty, my mentor was quick to cooperate and guide me through that. Having a mentor who, not for once, dropped the smile from her face was so reassuring and would always put me at ease.

By Nur E Jannat Anika (Grade: 12) from Viqarunnisa Noon School and College