CHRF's Scientist & Lead for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Dr. Yogesh Hooda

25 May, 2023
In case you haven't met Dr. Yogesh Hooda yet, it is our absolute pleasure to reintroduce our lead for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology!

Dr. Yogesh Hooda is an Indo-Canadian scientist, working at the Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF), Dhaka, Bangladesh. He did his undergraduate studies from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, India, double majoring in Computer Science and Biological Science. He then moved to Canada for his master’s in Molecular Genetics in 2012, and a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2018. From 2019-2022, he worked as a postdoctoral scientist at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MRC-LMB), Cambridge, UK. In 2022, he joined CHRF as a Scientist and is currently heading the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Laboratory. He focuses on understanding bacterial infections using molecular & biochemical tools to tackle the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance. He is currently working on a Gates Foundation funded project to understand the geographical burden of typhoid fever in Bangladesh using wastewater surveillance.

Dr. Hooda has received several awards, including the Armand Frappier Award for outstanding PhD student in microbiology in Canada. He was the Banting postdoctoral fellow while working at Cambridge. He has over 25 publications in top scientific journals including Nature, eLife and Nature Microbiology.