Master’s Thesis Scholarship – “Modelling the Microscopic Scholarship 2024”

01 September, 2023

CHRF’s Director & Senior Scientist, Dr. Senjuti Saha, was recently awarded the Bangamata Begum Fazilatunnesa Mujib Padak 2023 for her contributions in research by the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. This is the highest civilian award for women, recognizing excellence and meaningful societal impact in various fields, and Dr. Saha made history as the youngest individual recipient. The award consists of a gold medal and BDT 4,00,000.

Dr. Saha’s work is grounded in advancing the cause of health and research equity - she believes that everyone across the world should have equal access to the practice and benefits of science.

In the spirit of fostering academic excellence and research culture in Bangladesh, Dr Saha has decided to pay the award money forward by offering a scholarship towards Master's thesis in the fields of Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics or Disease Modelling to a bright Bangladeshi student – “Modelling the Microscopic Scholarship 2024.”

Below of the details of the scholarship:

Scholarship Origin: The Modelling the Microscopic Master’s Scholarship is a personal donation by Dr. Senjuti Saha to support aspiring scholars in the fields of Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics and/or Infectious Disease Modelling.

Selection Committee: A distinguished selection committee will evaluate applications based on academic merit, research potential, and alignment with the scholarship's goals.

Scholarship Benefits: Recipients of the scholarship will receive financial support towards at CHRF:
- A monthly stipend cash stipend
- Bacterial and/or viral genome sequencing at CHRF
- Training programs in bioinformatics, science communication, and/or modelling offered by CHRF or other CHRF-approved establishment
- Access to computational resources for research and analysis through CHRF

Commitment Period: Selected candidates are required to commit 6-8 months to complete their Master's thesis work at CHRF, ensuring thorough research and valuable contributions to their chosen field.

Eligibility: Applicants must be Bangladeshi nationals enrolled in a Master's program specializing in Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer science, or a related field.

Application Process: Candidates must submit a comprehensive application including academic records, statement of purpose, and references using the form below. No other form of application will be accepted.

Research Proposal: After the selection of the awardee, the research proposal will be developed by the awardee and CHRF, and must be aligned with the mission and vision of CHRF.

Award Disbursement: Scholarship funds will be disbursed to support the approved components of genome sequencing, training, and/or computational resources. The only cash contribution will be the monthly stipend.

Obligations: Recipients are expected to:

- Maintain a high standard of academic performance during the scholarship period.
- Provide regular progress updates to the scholarship committee.
- Acknowledge the Modelling the Microscopic Master’s Scholarship in any publications or presentations resulting from the research.

Non-Transferable: The scholarship is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or any other form of compensation.

Rights Reserved: Dr. Senjuti Saha and the selection committee reserve the right to modify or cancel the scholarship, alter its terms, or reject any application without providing a reason.

Announcement of Awardees: The awardee will be notified directly, and the announcement will also be made through appropriate channels.

Application Deadline: The deadline for scholarship applications for 2024 Master’s Scholarship is 15 Oct 2023.

Application link:

Through the Modelling the Microscopic Master’s Thesis Scholarship 2024, we aim to nurture the future leaders of science in Bangladesh and contribute to the advancement of Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics and Disease Modelling.

While this is the first time a scholarship like this is being offered, we feel confident that this is in no way the last.