Our Team and Collaborators

CHRF started its journey with few members and now expanded to hundreds of employee. Our team headed by a board of directors consist of experts from different disciplines. Core employees are engaged with various project providing support to Project PIs. Project employees are engaged with the specific project of the Foundation.

The CHRF team is a truly dedicated and passionate one. Here are some of the key team members who are working to make a real difference.

Board of Directors

Md. Ruhul Amin, Chairman
Prof Manzoor Hussain
, Vice Chairman

Samir K. Saha, Executive Director
Naila Zaman Khan, Director
Mohammed Hanif, Director
Shams El Arifeen, Director
ASM Nawshad Uddin Ahmed, Treasurer
Maksuda Islam, Assistant Director


Md. Shahidul Islam, Senior Research Investigator
Shampa Saha, Senior Research Investigator 
Gautam Kumar Saha
, Finance Manager
Md Jamal Uddin, Research Coordinator
Dr.Mahmudul Hasan, Deputy Coordinator

Hakka Naziat, Senior Research Officer
Zabed-Bin-Ahmed, Senior Research Officer
Md. Hasanuzzaman, Senior Research Officer
Roly Malaker, Microbiologist
Popy Debnath, Microbiologist
Sanchita Kar, Microbiologist
Md. Saiful Islam Sajib, Microbiologist
Nahidul Islam,Biochemist
Sowmitra Ranjan chakraborty,  Asst. Microbiologist
Apurba Rajib Malaker,  Asst. Microbiologist

Md. Shafiqul Islam, Senior Biostatistician
Md. Afiour Rahman, Biostatistician
Md Shariful Islam (Sharif), Asst. IT Manager

Taslima Begum, Senior Project Research Physician
Dr. Md.Kawser Hossain, Senior Project Research Physician
Shammin Azmery, Project Research Physician
Humaira Susmita, Project Research Physician
Dr.Sanchoye Bhowmick, Project Research Physician
Dr. Sultana Zahurs Afrin, Project Research Physician
Dr. Anannya Barman Jui, Project Research Physician
Dr. Rehnuma Tarannum, Project Research Physician
Dr. Shamsun Nahar, Project Research Physician
Md. Rasel Mahmud, Project Research Physician
Dr. Tumpa Siddique, Project Research Physician
Dr. Iftekhar Ahmmad, Project Research Physician
Fardin Robaed Rajib, Project Research Physician
Dr. Raktim Das, Project Research Physician

Anik Sarkar, Asst. Laboratory Manager
Mahozabin Fardush Rahat, Deputy Laboratory Manager
Md. Hafizur Rahman, Senior Research Technologist
Saikat Kumar Saha, Senior Laboratory Technologist
Sariful Islam Khan, Laboratory Technologist
Swapan Kumar Sarker, Laboratory Technologist
Ripon Hossain, Laboratory Technologist
Md. Mahabub Alam, Laboratory Technologist
Md. Sheikh Sady, Laboratory Technologist
Md. Sujan Barman, Laboratory Technologist
Syamal Chandra Sarker, Laboratory Technologist

Ashifur Rahman, Senior Admin Officer
Ruma Datta, Senior Admin Officer
Rumiya Akter, Senior Accounts Officer

Tasmin Sultana, Research Assistant
Shamima Tarafder, Research Assistant
Faujiya Khanam, Research Assistant
Rima Shyed, Research Assistant
Taniya Nasrin, Research Assistant
Shaila Sharmin, Research Assistant
Sheema Akhter, Research Assistant
Nahida Akter, Research Assistant
Laboynna sarkar, Research Assistant
Ms. Monalisa Haque, Research Assistant
Shamsun Nahar Shipon, Research Assistant
Rotna Khatun, Research Assistant
Shali Akter, Research Assistant
Asyia Akter, Data Collector
Ripa Akter, Nurse

Employee Abroad

Md. Belal Hossain, Research Investigator
Joyanta K Modak, Research Officer
Sudipta Saha, Research Fellow
Mark Sun, Adjunct Scientist


The massive development from a small table to a huge laboratory with the latest technologies at finger tips would not be possible without the generous support from the friends in the society and research collaborators at home and abroad.

Collaborators of Child Health Research Foundation include Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; World Health Organization (WHO); Wellcome Trust; Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University; Johns Hopkins University; Nuffield Department of Medicine (Infectious Disease & Microbiology Group), Oxford University; Centre for Disease Control (CDC); icddr,b; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; GlaxoSmithKline; Foundation Merieux; United States Agency for International Development (USAID); Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.; International Vaccine Institute (IVI); Savin Vaccine Institute; Save the Children; Jackson Laboratory; Stanford University; Sanofi Pasteur; Washington University; Cardiff University; Respiratory and Meningeal Pathogens Research Units (RMPRU).