Microbiology and Quality Assurance Support for Nasopharyngeal Carriage Studies

Project name:

Microbiology and Quality Assurance Support for Nasopharyngeal Carriage Studies in India at K.E.M. Hospital, Pune, and King George’s Medical University, Lucknow


This investment will facilitate in capacity-building at multiple sites in India. These capacities and trained human resources will lead to generation of data to smoothen the path for evidence-based decisions to prevent invasive pneumococcal diseases.

Funding source:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Executive Summary:

Nasopharyngeal (NP) colonization by pneumococcus is essentially the first step for invasive pneumococcal disease. Therefore, pneumococcal carriage is often used as the proxy for measuring the impact of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV), for determining the immunization schedule, and also for the overall vaccine licensure procedure. Two sites in India (KEM Hospital, Pune and KGMU, Lucknow) plan to perform such pneumococcal carriage studies as the country looks forward to introduction of PCV in the coming years. Here, we are proposing to collaborate with these two sites to assist them in i) generating the baseline data for PCV impact studies and ii) determining the possible vaccination schedules. We will provide support to the sites by i) providing training to the laboratory team members ii) monitoring through site visits and working with the laboratory team for QA and QC iii) reviewing monthly progress reports, iv) providing support by trouble shooting in real time, as required and v) assisting in preparation of reports for BMGF.